The Complicit

Johann Wolfgang Goethe's turbulent comedy open air at the Monbijou Theater

Opening night: Wednesday, 27th June 2018, at 8 pm
Theatre season until Saturday, 1st September 2018 

During July, August and September 2018: 
Tuesdays to Saturdays at 9 pm with English Subtitles 

„The Complicit" is now for more than 250 years a so-called inside tip. Almost nobody knows
the humorous play that is made to act just for the sake of acting, to celebrate theatre,
to let everything out. It's a comedy, a farce about the drunkard Soeller
- and it is an ideal basis for refreshing summer theatre.

We show the old version, written 1768/69 by the 20 years old Johann Wolfgang Goethe -
and not the later version that Goethe fit in his complete works at the end of his life.

Sophie spent many happy hours with Alcest. But he had to go to war, and she married Soeller,
the drinking companion of her father. Soeller spends his days only with gambling, singing and drinking...
Suddenly Alcest returns, and a midnight date is arranged.
But what are the odds, that Sophie's father and Soeller also appear at the nightly rendezvous
- Sophie's father hidden behind the door and Soeller in the cupboard?
Ideals about family and love get wildly shaken in the young Goethe's very first play.

Costume Design:
Stage Design:
Make Up:
Technical Management:
Maurici Farré
Maurici Farré
Isa Mehnert
David Regehr
Ina Dell
Sebastian Söllner
Wirt Holger Güttersberger
Matthias Horn
Söller Jonas Kling
Daniel Sellier
Tobias Schulze
Alcest Florian Kleine
Jonas Kling
Sophie Rosa Landers
Marisa Wojtkowjak


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